How we work with our clients

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Our Ethos

Safety is an approach every company should be continually developing. A safe site is crucial to positive workflow and personnel welfare. Through the use of training, confidence and an open dialogue we allow everyone from within our company, whether contractor or staff, to help keep a safe working environment.

Service for us is not just about providing a piece of equipment, it’s everything from the initial enquiry to post project completion. Giving our clients a quality service is a founding principle within the company. Glenn has always believed that our clients’ experience is key to the success of the project.

Specifics such as keeping our equipment properly maintained to performing final checks before leaving a site to make sure everything is in order is all part of our routine. These little details can sometimes be overlooked especially on large projects, however ShowEquip’s processes ensure that every job is being completed to the highest standard possible.

We believe strongly in leading by example, whether a small business or a global company it’s the responsibility of everyone to improve.

Our Approach

ShowEquip stands firmly behind its approach. This means our staff, contractors and most importantly our clients, know that without fail our principles will always remain the same.

Like many companies, our primary principles revolve around professionalism, transparency and a friendly atmosphere.

As a company we like to make things transparent, we do not want our staff, contractors or clients to feel confused or worried about querying something. This even comes down to price, we do not claim to be the cheapest because that’s not our goal, our goal is to provide clients with a professional result without compromising on quality for price. Our clients appreciate that even our pricing is transparent.

Although used by many, professionalism is more to us than a catchy word, we aim to work with clients for many years providing our services time and time again, working through challenges alongside our clients. This can only be done through creating a healthy working relationship where both parties feel they have mutual respect and are valued equally.

Creating a “friendly atmosphere” may sound strange in a business setting but happy, comfortable people create better results. At ShowEquip working in a friendly atmosphere with like-minded clients allows the teams in both companies to work more effectively and efficiently.

It’s not just talk… here’s how we implement this…

Our ethos can be seen in practice through our approach in many aspects of ShowEquip :-

Through the varied ways of contacting us including via social media, email and phone allowing our clients to choose the form of communication most comfortable and convenient to them.

With clear and easy to understand policies in place from the initial booking process through to our health and safety policy, this creates consistency and quality throughout.

At ShowEquip we take safety very seriously. We dedicate resources to protect our staff as well as safeguarding the buildings and infrastructure we work with each day.

With clients feeling able to freely discuss any potential concerns and issues with us, this allows for a better working environment for everyone. We work with our clients as part of an extended team.

moving head for event lighting. Hireable from ShowEquip based in Aberdeen.

Photographer: By Rhea

showequip wedding and event hire outdoor lights
ShowEquip's Prolyte stage decks stacked ready for hire.
Norwood Hall trees lit with ShowEquip outdoor uplighters.

Photographer: By Rhea