Power Distribution

From cabling and distribution boxes all the way to the small extras like cable guard, ShowEquip provides all the equipment required to bring your event to life.

Our design engineers can produce a detailed plan of your site, detailing cable runs and distribution box locations. With our trained technicians who can safely install a temporary power system, we can facilitate input feeds from grid power, AMF systems as well as temporary power generation from diesel generators.

Power Generation

Whether our clients are planning scheduled maintenance on an electrical system and require equipment connected at the other end to remain operational, or they are just planning a temporary event with the need for power generation, ShowEquip can cover all aspects including power distribution design, infrastructure and generation allowing them to function at their best.

Syncable generator sets can be invaluable when designing a system where redundancy (with no time to wait for an Automatic Transfer Switch engaging) or the use of a larger generator is not possible (for example due to access restrictions). Being able to sync generators, seamlessly creating a single power generation source can often be the optimum solution.

Automatic Transfer & Automatic Mains Failure

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) also referred to in certain applications as Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) systems, are a crucial part of any critical electrical installation. These can be either temporary or permanent where key infrastructure having any extended period of downtime is not an option – yet a synced system is just not practicable. An example of this is a temporary medical facility where should a sudden loss of power occur from the grid, or other power generation source, replacement power needs to be provided as quickly as possible.

ShowEquip has the skills and equipment to work with our clients to design and implement a safe and reliable ATS system. From the initial inspection and selection of the correct size of generator(s) including initial start up pulls, to the selection of the appropriate ATS capable of handling our client’s specific needs, we can provide what it takes to implement, install and manage such a system.

Modular Staging

Offering an almost endless level of modularity, we can provide options from multi level to curved corner stages. ShowEquip works with our clients to understand their requirements and provide solutions that meet their needs perfectly.

With trained staff in charge of the design, build and commissioning of all our stages our customers are always in safe hands. Our stage decks have been designed with the touring events industry at its forefront, to provide a quick, strong and dependable system.

Raised Platforms

It is vital that any raised platform is secure and stable. As with our modular stages, ShowEquip’s primary focus is safety. Through careful management and design we ensure our platforms remain safe throughout their use.

Whether our clients have a sloped surface requiring additional levelling and securing or they want to extend an existing raised surface for more space, we can offer site visits and detailed planning to achieve their desired outcome.

Intelligent Lighting

ShowEquip holds a range of intelligent fixtures, which give out high output with crisp colour rendering. Whether clients are putting in a stage production or wish to add some movement to an enchanted forest, we will work with them to select the correct fixture for their application.

Fully controlled by our trained engineers, our intelligent lighting gives a great visual appeal to anything that is put in front of them.

Static Lighting

Whether looking at key framing of stages, accenting a stunning building or just creating a little more ambiance, our static lighting can be used to great effect when correctly placed. ShowEquip can highlight the best features using a range of washes, spots and beams.

We have the ability to alter colours and patterns over a large quantity of our rental range to ensure our clients get the exact effect they want.

Lighting Control

Our trained lighting engineers know how to expertly operate our lighting consoles to get the most out of the fixtures being used.

With professionalism, friendliness and high attention to detail being fundamental in our company’s approach, this means we don’t “cheap out” when it comes to lighting control. Our lighting control range is primarily supplied by Avolites, an industry leader in creative visual control, all in keeping with our ethos.

Lighting Design

ShowEquip has the software and knowledge to provide our clients with a detailed lighting design.

Using specialist software our engineers can supply CAD drawings showing the exact lighting layout allowing a clear understanding for all parties involved. Linked with the ability to produce computer image renderings, our clients can then get a detailed view of how their space will look, allowing for changes and alterations to be made before the rigging even starts.

Sound Systems

ShowEquip offers a range of small sound systems suitable for applications such as conference speaking, public address, background music and small vocal sets.

Where larger audio systems are required alongside our other services, we work with our vetted professional and highly trained audio contractors to provide clients with the best service every time.

Display Screens

ShowEquip provides display screen solutions ideally suited to our clients requirements. With our primary display screens being 65” 4K displays combined with our Unicol stands these can be used to great effect on trade stands, corporate events and many more options.

Towable Tower Lighting

ShowEquip’s LED towable tower lighting with integrated generator provides over 90 000 lumens with its 4 energy efficient LED lamps. With hydraulic mast raising and lowering along with 330 degree position of the mast and individual adjustment of each lamp, this versatile unit can be configured to an location. 

Great for access / safety lighting walkways or park areas as well as the lighting of construction sites.