Silent Discos

Silent Discos

Looking for something different, for your party or event? Why not hire a Silent Disco?

With up to three different music channels each partygoer can choose their music at their chosen volume. Need a break, simply take off your headphones.

Silent Discos Aberdeen can supply and set up the equipment meaning all you need to do is enjoy the event. Plus, with a silent disco, there is less external noise for non-partygoers.

Our Equipment


Each person gets their own headphone allowing them to change which transmitter (channel) they wish to listen to along with individual volume control meaning you get the perfect level for you. Our headphones have adjustable headbands allowing it to fit a large variety of ages.


Our transmitters either Wired or Wireless are key for your silent entertainment. These allow your music source to be output to each headphone. The system can have upto 3 transmitters (channels) of these running at any one time playing different songs. Simply using the selector button on your headphones will change between the channels, therefore changing the song you are listening to. We offer a variety of different transmitters to best suit your needs from wired; used for most events where power is available to wireless; when power may not be available or you want to be on the move.

Add On's

Disco Lights-
    Adding some colour to your silent entertainment this addition creates a party atmosphere with a variety of light effects you're sure to be boogieing away in no time. Simple set-up by our team means no long waits for everything to be party ready.

Glow Products-
    A mixed variety of glow products some of these can be glow sticks, necklaces, glasses and more.

    Needing additional covering for your event? We can offer gazebos to hold your party in.

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