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Equipment Hire

The team at ShowEquip have many years of experience in rental equipment for events. From dry hire of equipment to complete set-ups and onsite management of the equipment we have you covered. We stock a range of events equipment from stage and access lighting to power distribution.

All of our equipment is regularly inspected which means that you are getting the highest quality. We only use trusted suppliers enabling us to offer a larger variety of equipment to our customers. This means you get the right products to match your needs and help make your event a success.

Event Management

We understand that planning an event can take a lot of time and effort. We are happy to get involved in this stage as we love working alongside customers to help bring their ideas to fruition. Like our equipment, we work with suppliers from all aspects of events, so can organise equipment hire, discuss with reputable suppliers and find the best deals without compromising on quality.

The on-site set-up is as important as the months of planning. We can deal with problems if they arise and get everything back on track in the most timely and cost effective way, meaning minimal  (if any) delay to your timeline. Many of our customers are extremely busy during the set-up stage and by having ShowEquip on-site who already know their vision we can deal with any issues that may arise so that our customers can focus on the full event.

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